When will CODE-1 Plus drop support for the VMS platform?

Operating System: OpenVMS
Below is the VMS End-of-Life Announcement originally sent on October 10, 2014

HP OpenVMS™ Operating System                        

Retirement of Maintenance Support for Hewlett-Packard® OpenVMS™ Operating System

Dear Pitney Bowes Software Customer:

Pitney Bowes Software Inc. (“PBSI”), formerly known as Group 1 Software™ Inc., will end maintenance support for the following products licensed by your organization on the Hewlett-Packard® OpenVMS™ (HP® OpenVMS) operating system:

 CODE-1 Plus™ (U.S.)
 Canadian CODE-1 Plus™
 International CODE-1 Plus™
 Generalized Selection Plus™
 List Conversion Plus™
 Merge/Purge Plus™
 Business Merge/Purge Plus™
 Consumer Merge/Purge™
 Geographic Coding Plus™
 GeoTAX™

PBSI will continue to provide your company with maintenance services for these products on the HP® OpenVMS operating system for the balance of your current maintenance term, but no later than April 11, 2016. PBSI will not renew maintenance support for products on the HP®
OpenVMS operating system beyond your maintenance term. CODE-1 Plus™ (U.S.) HP® OpenVMS-supported versions will continue to be USPS® CASS™-(Coding Accuracy Support System) compliant through the USPS® expiration date of July 31, 2016.

NOTE: CODE-1 Plus™ U.S. Releases 3.7.0, 4.0.0 (planned for 2015), and later, will be the only future CASS Cycle N-supported versions.
Although PBSI will terminate maintenance support for these products on the HP® OpenVMS operating system, your company will retain its perpetual product license(s) and may continue to use the products according to your license agreement(s). PBSI will continue to support these Products on IBM® z/OS, Microsoft® Windows™, IBM® i, Red Hat™ Linux, and various UNIX operating systems. Should your company need support or migration assistance after the end of your product maintenance period, please contact your Pitney Bowes account representative. Your account representative has options available to support your company.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017