MailSream Plus - How does L CODE work when over the default 200 requirement?

The default table size for L CODE is 200.
If the user has 200 L CODEs the software will work. If the user has 201 or greater L CODEs, the application will print out the first 199 individually, and use the 200th table entry for the total count of all the rest of the L CODEs
The TABLSZ for L CODE can be increased to 009999.  That will print out up to 9999 individual L CODEs.  The application will uses the last entry for the total for L Codes 10000 or greater. The application would print out 9998 individual L CODEs, then the 9999th entry will be the total of all the rest.
And Note: the application sorts alphanumerical before printing them, so if there are more than the table size, the entries that fit in the table will be determined after the sort, not by the order they were read in in the input records.   If the L CODE table size is 9999, and there are 10000 records with unique L CODEs, the ones that will be included in the last entry at the end will be the highest ones alpha-numerically.
UPDATED:  September 28, 2017