Short city name vs. Long City name in Canadian CODE-1 Plus

UPDATED: March 24, 2017

If executing the batch driver, C6BM00, there are two output locations that can be specified in the CP OUT parameter:

To have the long City name returned use position 12-14:

12-14 Location for City Name Location on the output record for the returned city name.

To have the short City name returned, use position 21-23:

21-23 Location for Short City Name; Location on the output record for the 13-byte short city name. CPC does not provide 13-byte short city names for alternate cities. If the length of the alternate city name exceeds 13 bytes, this field will contain a truncated version of the original.

If calling C6MATCH, use the following fields in the Match Call Area:

To have the long City name returned:

5155-5172 MOA-CAN-O- 18-CITY - The 18-character municipality name Output

To have the short City name returned:

5173-5185 MOA-CAN-OSHORT-CITY - The short municipality name



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