How to find the latest version or the recent release of MapXtreme.NET

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

MapXtreme(v8.0) is the latest release of the product. Following are feature highlights of the release:
  •  OGC’s GeoPackage
Support for new OGC GeoPackage format for Feature Tables
  •  Multi Resolution Raster (MRR)
Integrated support for reading MRR files in MapXtreme
  • MAP file Block Size change
Improved performance with configurable Map File block size
  • RDB (SQL and Oracle ) performance improvement
Improved performance for SQL and Oracle tables 
  • Extended TAB file (NativeX) Support
Support of NativeX files to bypass the limitation of 2Gb for Native Tab file format
  • UTF-8 and UTF-16 Char Set
Support to create Native and NativeX tab files in UTF-8 and UTF-16 format
  • All new PB Branding
Integrated all new branding
  • MapInfo Professional Interoperability
Native files, MWS files, Coordinate System, UTF 16 and UTF 8 encoding files created in MapInfo Pro can be opened in MapXtreme v8.0 and vice versa
  • Removed the Licensing requirements
Licensing Support has been removed. The customer installation will be Trust Based. Single universal installer for all Geographies
  • Visual Studio 2015 
Application creation support in Visual Studio 2015(VB and C#)
  • Windows 10 
Support for latest Windows 10 OS
  • SQL Server 2014 
Support for SQL server 2014. Spatial tables in SQL server 2014 can be consumed in MapXtreme Applications.


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