How to understand the Date Fields when Running a Street Works Search in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works
What do the 'Site Start From' and 'Site End From' date fields, on the Site tab of the Street Works Filter, reference on the Street Works Permit screen?
Street Works Permit - Site Tab

The Site tab is used to filter Street Works based on site specific information. In this Tab, there are two date columns:

1. Site Start From = It filters data based on 'Site Extant Date'. 'Site Extant Date' = 'Date' in Registration of Reinstatement screen

2. Site End From = It filters data based on 'Proposed End Date'. 'Proposed End Date' = 'Estimated End Date' in Works tab of Street Work Browser

For filtering based on general Notice-related fields then the Notice tab can be used.
UPDATED:  September 26, 2017