Confirm WorkZone - Logic Behind Job Dates

Product Feature: Non-Routine Maintenance & Work Allocation
With reference to a Job's dates on the 'Additional' tab (in the Confirm host system) the Workzone 'help' text around Job Dates is as follows:
Job Dates

It is important to review the dates that are present on the job records as these affect how the job tasks are displayed in ConfirmWorkzone. The descriptions below outline which job dates affect the display of job tasks and how. With the exception of Target Completion Date a Job must be allocated to a team/gang for the date field to have any effect on its display within ConfirmWorkzone. 

Target Completion Date

This date is used as the due date for the Job. When job tasks are displayed in ConfirmWorkzone they are shown in due date order. It is recommended to have target dates set against jobs so that they can be prioritised more easily but it is not mandatory.

Estimated Start Date

This date is used as the scheduled start date for the job. When a job task is scheduled using ConfirmWorkzone the estimated start date field on the Confirm job record is set to the date and time that were selected on the schedule grid.

The estimated start date can be set within the Job screen on the Confirm Client but this is not recommended as this can result in overlapping job tasks being displayed on the schedule grid. Scheduled job tasks are coloured dark blue on the schedule grid in ConfirmWorkzone.

Actual Completion Date

When this date is set against a scheduled job task it is completed. The ConfirmWorkzone schedule grid will not show jobs completed in the past. The position of completed job tasks on the grid will be determined by the jobs actual start and completion date and times and they will be displayed in green.
UPDATED:  April 3, 2017