How to use Site Groups in Confirm

Product Feature: Site Register

Sites may be placed into Groups. These Groups may be assigned to Feature Groups such that only Features belonging in those Feature Groups may be added to Sites in the Site Group(s) specified for the Feature Group.

The Grouping is done by Street Record Type - specifying the Street Record Type so that Site of the Type(s) specified are assigned to a Site Group. A Street Record Type may be included in several Groups so that a Site may belong in several Site Groups.

Site Groups Screen in Confirm


Up to 50 characters.


An optional free text field

Display Order:

Affects the order in which the Site Groups are displayed. A Site Group numbered 1 will appear at the top of the numbered list, a Type numbered 9999 will appear at the bottom. Unnumbered Site Groups will be listed before numbered ones.

The lower portion of the form will display all the Street Record Types stored in the Street Record Type Lookup. Check Street Record Types to indicate that Sites of this Type may be included in this Site Group.


UPDATED:  September 26, 2017