Retention time for USPS scan data on the Mail360 Hub

Mail360 Hub is a centralized server that hosts Mail360 track and trace functionality. It manages and stores track and trace data only. It collects USPS® data feeds and provides mail events (includes USPS® Confirm®™, STC (Start-the-Clock), and ACS™) to EngageOne Delivery Audit Data Managers. In this way, Hub works as an interface between USPS® and EngageOne Delivery Audit Data Managers. As per internal retention policy, USPS scan data is available for last 180 days (6 Months) on Mail360 Hub and this can only be shared in case of an emergency.

Note: If a customer wants Pitney Bowes to retain their individual scan data outside of their internal retention policy, then they should consider a contractual arrangement with OnDemand team where Pitney Bowes will retain their specific data.

UPDATED:  November 6, 2017