How to access historical scan data that is older than the user keeps in their local DataBase in Mail360 Data Manager

User's determine how long they want to keep USPS scan data on their local Data Manager (DM) database.  Perhaps 45, or 60, or 90 days, etc.  Then they purge older data to maintain DB size and DM performance. 

In the case where a user wants historical data older than what they keep locally, can Pitney Bowes Software provide it?  The situation would be for example if a user keeps 90 days of data in their DM DB, but for some reason needs scan data from a period prior to that.

Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) does keep 180 days of data on our Hub.  If a user needs data within that period, it can be searched and obtained.  This would generally be a Professional Services engagement.

Also, if a user is interested in having PBS retain their scan data outside of their internal retention policy, they can speak with their PB Account Manager about a contractual agreement of this nature and the associated fees.
UPDATED:  August 8, 2017