How to programatically create a TileSetTableInfo in MapXtreme 8.0

TableInfoTileServer can not be created without the use of a .TAB and .XML file.

TableInfoTileServer is not instantiable via the constructor but you can create an instance of TableInfoTileServer via TableInfo.Create() or, TableInfo.CreateFromFile().

For example:
TableInfo tableInfo = TableInfo.CreateFromFile("");
TableInfoTileServer tableInfoTileServer = tableInfo as TableInfoTileServer;
tableInfoTileServer.PreferredHandler = "leadtool.rhx";
Table table = Session.Current.Catalog.OpenTable(tableInfoTileServer);

As of now MapXtreme can only consume the TileServer Tab (TAB and XML) files created by MapInfo Pro. If you would like the functionality to create the TableInfoTileServer without a TAB and XML file please submit this as a new Feature Request via the Ideas Portal. attached displays how you can create a TAB and XML file to connect to a LevelRowColumn TileServer.

In the sample TAB file, you can modify CoordSys portion for the Coordinate Systems.

In the sample XML file, you can modify TileServerInfo Type with "LevelRowColumn". You will also need to modify <Url>...</Url>  in the sample XML file.
UPDATED:  March 28, 2017