MailStream Plus job populates the PQT-1012 with all 00's?


Looking at the presort by generating the REPORT USPSQUAL:

Cont      Cont Cont  Cont   Grp/Bdl  O  ----------------RATES---------------  Running

Number    Size Lvl   ZIP    Dest     F         5B       3B       AB       MB     Total
1         E-Tr 3DG   100                               870                         870
2         E-Tr 3DG   100                               870                        1740

For tray 1 and 2, you will see that there is not a Grp/Bdl destination. This is because they are full trays.

DMM 245.7.4 says -
7.4 General Preparation
Grouping, bundling, and labeling are not generally required or permitted, except bundling is required in any mailing consisting entirely of card-size pieces and for pieces in overflow and less-than-full trays, and grouping is required under 7.5.

Since this is a tray-based and not a bundle-based presort, bundling doesn’t always happen.

Field Name :   Package ID
Positions:       17 - 22       
Field Code :     PQT-1012

The pqt-1012 in tray 1 and 2 has all 00’s because bundling is not required in a full tray so no bundle has been created.
** Note:  DMM reference is current as of April 2016

UPDATED:  April 18, 2017