How to resolve the polygon or polyline map output from a Confirm Data Source being output as a point map layer

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Mapping
Map layers can be created from the results of a Data Source in Confirm® using the Show Report Results on Map button.  The Data Source can be constructed so either the Easting and Northing settings are used or the spatial data for the Feature.

If the SELECT statement contains columns were the Role field is set to Easting or Northing these will be used in preference to the spatial data in the feature.sp_geography database column.  The reason for this is that the Data Source may contain the Easting and Northing data for an Enquiry, for example, and the Role field can be set to Easting and Northing so the point data for the Enquiry is used on the map not the spatial data for the Feature.

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To resolve the issue change the roles to (None) and rerun the datasource and then use the 'Show Report Results on Map' button to recreate the correct map type.
UPDATED:  June 22, 2017