How to configure EngageOne Series 4 to respond to a specific IP address

Product Feature: Installation

Operating System: Windows \ Linux

Currently it is possible to configure all of the bundles in EngageOne Series 4 to run on different port numbers, for example:
  • Core Bundle Port: 8080
  • Conversion Bundle: 8081
  • Security Bundle Port: 8082
  • Composition Bundle Port: 8083
If the server that EngageOne is deployed on has multiple network cards or multiple virtual network cards then it is currently not possible to bind the bundle to a specific adapter. This might be required for example for security of the system to only respond on one IP address or for it to only work on a external network and not on an internal one. 

If this is a requirement then please raise this through the Ideas portal.

UPDATED:  July 27, 2017