How to resolve changing the Confirm map workspace zoom range unit of measure on the Layer Control window

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Mapping

The first thing to understand is that the Map Workspace in Confirm® always takes the measuring unit of the coordinate system of the FIRST layer added to the Workspace when it is built.

If the first map layer loaded into a Map Workspace has a designated coordinate system of miles 'mi' (e.g. coordinate system EPSG 27700), then the Workspace will automatically use the 'mi' miles unit of measure for its zoom range.

The only way to change the unit of measure of the coordinate system is to completely remove all the layers in the Map Workspace in Confirm, then save the empty Workspace.

Now load a map layer, that uses a coordinate system with the desired zoom unit of measure, as the first map layer in the rebuilt Map Workspace, and SAVE the Workspace.

The Workspace should now have the desired unit of measure for the zoom layer.

Please note that even if the layer that defined the unit of measure is deleted from the Map Workspace, until the Workspace is emptied and rebuilt the unit of measure will remain the same as initially configured.

UPDATED:  May 3, 2017