Understanding your Pitney Bowes Finance Limited VAT invoice

UPDATED: 23 April 2018

Your invoice provides advance notice of due payments with dates. Invoices are sent by post at the beginning of each billing period.

If you pay your lease by direct debit you will receive a quarterly Direct Debit (DD) VAT invoice. 

Reading your VAT invoice:
  • Billing Period - This could either be quarterly or annually in advance depending on your contract
  • Agreement Number - This field indicates your Lease Agreement number.
  • Due Date - This field indicates the date on which the invoice is due for payment.  Please note; this date may change if it falls on a weekend or bank holiday.
  • Rentals and Other Fees - This field indicates the NET amount for each payment due. 
  • VAT % - This field indicates the percentage (%) of VAT applied.
  • VAT Amount - This field indicates the VAT amount for each payment to be claimed by Direct Debit.
  • Amount Due - This field indicates the total amount to be paid or claimed by Direct Debit inclusive of VAT.
Click the below image for an explanation of the invoice layout.

Pitney Bowes Finance Limited invoice image

Important Information:
  • This document should be retained.
  • It is your ‘TAX INVOICE’ within the meaning of the VAT regulations. It is also a request for payment if you do not pay by direct debit
  • If you are registered for VAT you may have to produce this schedule to HM Revenue and Customs in support of any claim reductions made in your VAT returns (Form VAT 100)
  • Should the VAT rate change during the given year stated on your schedule you will be sent a revised Schedule of VAT.
If you have any questions regarding your lease invoice please Contact Us.Help


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