Setting up a Direct Debit

UPDATED: 10 April 2018

To set up or amend a Direct Debit mandate please select the relevant account type from the below list and a PDF will then open.  You will need to complete separate Direct Debit Mandate for each of your Pitney Bowes accounts. 

Hire Agreement / Lease (Pitney Bowes Finance Limited)
Rental / Consumables / Purchase of equipment (Pitney Bowes Limited)
Purchase Power
Postage By Phone

Print a copy of the mandate and complete the following sections:
  • Name(s) of Account Holder(s)
  • Bank/Building society number
  • Branch Sort Code
  • Name and full postal address of your Bank or Building Society
  • Reference (your account number)
  • Signature and Date
Please scan and return by email to or return by post to:

Direct Debit Team
Pitney Bowes UK - Head Office 
Pitney Bowes Limited
Building 5 Trident Place
Hatfield Business Park
Mosquito Way
AL10 9UJ

A new direct debit can take up to 15 working days to become active. Please continue to make manual payments until the new Direct Debit is set up fully to avoid incurring late payment fees. 

Once the direct debit is in place, Pitney Bowes will request to claim the payment 4 working days before it is due. This will allow the payment to show as cleared funds on your account by the due date of your invoice.   

Postage By Phone 

It takes up to 15 working days to set up a ROI direct debit and 9 working days for a UK direct debit.   

If there is an outstanding balance, this will also be claimed.  

Purchase Power 

It takes up to 15 working days to set up a ROI direct debit and 9 working days for a UK direct debit. 

The direct debit will claim 15 days after the next invoice date. If this date is a weekend/bank holiday, the direct debit will be on the previous working day.  

The direct debit will claim for the full balance unless minimum payment is selected on the mandate.   


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