Checking for a payment not shown in your account

UPDATED: 10 August 2017

There are several reasons why a payment might not be reflected on your account, including a misapplied payment. Here are some suggestions for tracking a payment that has not posted to your account as expected:

Review payment time frame
We may not have received your payment. A payment is not considered missing until after the payment posting time frame has passed. This is usually 3-5 working days from receipt of payment.

Review your Pitney Bowes (PB) accounts
Check your other PB accounts to make sure the payment did not post to the wrong one. If it did post incorrectly, in this case you can contact our Client Services team who would be happy to help you.

You may have made payment to the incorrect PB account, which may cause delays in allocating the payment (up to an additional 3 working days). Ensure you are making payment using the correct PB account details for your invoices.

Review bank activity
Your current bank statement can show whether or not the funds have been withdrawn from your bank account.
  • If the funds have not been withdrawn, payment may have been lost or delayed.
  • Payments without a valid Client reference (such as invoice or account number) cannot be applied. 
  • Payments can be delayed when the incorrect mailing address for your account type is used, please ensure you use the correct address for the correct account and payment type.
  • When funds have been withdrawn, it could indicate that the payment has been misapplied.


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