Getting a refund for unused postage funds

UPDATED: 19 March 2018

Once the machine has been collected by our courier it is taken to our return site for decommissioning, when this has been processed the unused funds are made available for refund. 

There are two scenarios on how any unused funds on your meter are refunded.
  • Meter has been replaced either due to upgrading to a new meter or if current meter is faulty:
This process will take up to 48 hours, however if the meter was faulty this may increase to 5 working days.
Any unused funds on the meter will be applied back to your postage account within 2 working days. This will then show as a credit on the next invoice/statement.
Any unused funds will not be applied directly to the replacement meter.
  • Cancellation of your account:
We will provide the used and unused postage readings from the meter to the Royal Mail. The Royal Mail will then issue a cheque to you for unused funds – This can take up to 6 weeks to be Processed.
Please note: For any unused funds under £10.00 you will need to contact Royal Mail direct on 0845 611 3111. They will require your meter licence number for reference.



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