Understanding your Pitney Bowes Limited rental, service and supplies invoices

UPDATED: 13 April 2018

All rental, service/maintenance and consumable supplies charges (separate to a Hire Agreement / Lease) will either bill to your Pitney Bowes Limited account, or if you have opted to take advantage of consolidating these charges onto one monthly invoice along with your postage spend they will be transferred onto your Purchase Power account.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of consolidated billing please contact our Client Service team.  Please ensure you quote your Pitney Bowes account and/or invoice number on any communication to us.

Your invoice will always detail:
  • The model and serial number
  • The location of the equipment
  • The invoice period
  • The invoice amount for each transaction as well as the total amount due
Items that can be found on your Pitney Bowes Limited invoice are:


This item is for the rental of the equipment which is usually invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually.

Maintenance Invoice for Service Contract

This item is for your service (maintenance) cover. The code in the 'Level of Cover' column indicates the level of cover you have opted for, and more details can be found on the back of the invoice in the 'Level of Cover - Service Contracts' section.

Consumable Supplies / Supply Line Order

This will provide details of the items, such as ink cartridges, toner, envelopes and labels, the quantity ordered and the delivery location.

Rental Rates

This is an annual fee for the Royal Mail rates that are on your machine and includes updates for any rate changes.

Click the below image for a more detailed explanation of the invoice layout and to answer questions about the payment process.

Supplies invoice image

Payment terms:

Pitney Bowes Limited payment terms are 30 days.

If you pay by direct debit, your payment will be taken on the 30th day.  If you do not pay by direct debit and wish to do so, click here for more information.

Credit Notes:

In the event of a credit being issued for any Pitney Bowers Limited transaction, a credit note will be issued.  This is for your records only and should not be used to offset as a payment against another invoice.



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