Using Import Anything to import Document Link records into Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
The Import Anything Agent or Import Data utility can be used to import Document Links records into Confirm.  The specification for the import file is in the Confirm help file under Specifications > Import Anything Specification (LJM-59-129) > Document Links.

Document Links can be imported for Features, Inventory Items, Surveys, Defects and Jobs but they can only be imported on records supplied in the same import file.

Use comma separated values in the import file NOT tab separated values.

A header row is required in the import file.  This means you do not have to have all the columns listed in the specification because the header row identifies what the data relates to.

Records can be inserted but not updated via the import.  This is because the specification does not include a unique identifier for a Document Link.

This is an example of an import file.
1,feature,record id,site code,plot number
1,document link,entity type,parent id,document name,document notes,document date
2,document link,FEATURE,1,c:\Temp\photo1.png,My notes photo 1,01/10/2018 12:00:00
2,document link,FEATURE,1,c:\Temp\photo2.png,My notes photo 2,
2,document link,FEATURE,2,c:\Temp\photo3.png,My notes photo 3,02/10/2018 12:30:33
2,document link,FEATURE,2,c:\Temp\photo4.png,My notes photo 4,03/10/2018 10:00:10
2,document link,FEATURE,2,c:\Temp\photo5.png,My notes photo 5,
9,document link,5
UPDATED:  October 30, 2018