How to assign a default map workspace to a Confirm user or group of users

Products affected: Confirm®

To assign a specific map workspace to a Confirm® user or group of users you have to do the following:
  • Use Map Workspace Manager to create and save the new map workspace
  • Check the Work Group assigned to the required users by using the 'System Administration > Security > User Security' options from the Confirm Explorer
  • Open the Work Group screen for the required Work Group using 'System Administration > Security > Work Groups' and entering the required Work Group Code or select using the search 'binoculars'
  • Click on the Map Workspace tab
  • Select the 'Map' role in the window at the bottom window of the screen and then click the 'Detail' button - if no Map Role is specified then use the 'Detail' button to open a blank Work Group Map Workspace screen 
  • Check the Role is set to Map and then select the new map workspace from the list displayed by the down arrow in the 'Workspace' field.
  • Save the Work Group Map Workspace using the 'save' button.
  • Save the 'Work Group' screen using the save button
All users assigned to the required Work Group will now need to log out and back into Confirm to pick up the changes.
UPDATED:  July 10, 2017