Implementing an integration via the Connector into Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Application Infrastructure

Review the following documents which cover types of Confirm® integration in which you may be interested:

Specification - CRM Connector XML Schema LZL-14-129.pdf
Specification - Bookings Connector XML Schema KKV-7-129.pdf
Specification - Street Works Connector XML Schema CHA17521.pdf

The first two are attached herewith and all are supplied in the Documents\Manuals sub-folder in your Confirm installation package. 

Confirm® XML schema definitions are also supplied as .xsd files in the sub-folders of the Resources\Schemas folder in the Confirm installation package. They can be viewed graphically in Microsoft Visual Studio or free, third-party software such as XSD Diagram.

UPDATED:  March 18, 2019