How to resolve how the Confirm street works annual inspection batch actual number of units for inspection in any year is calculated

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Street Works - Inspections

The EToN 6 technical specification document supplied by the UK government gives the following criteria for the calculation of the number of inspection units to be included in the annual inspection sampling calculation:

ETon 6 Technical Specifical Document exert - 

3.19 Inspection Sampling

For the purpose of Sample Size calculations in accordance with section 2.3.3 of the Inspections Code 
of Practice, the actual number of units for inspection in any year is calculated as follows:

An inspection year runs from the 1 st April to the 31 st March. The year in which the Works are included 
is based on the latest site reinstatement date of the first full permanent registration notice received for 
the works. The "undertaker" is determined from the NotificationFromOrg supplied on this registration 

The most recent ActuallnspectionUnits supplied for the works are used, irrespective of when these 
were supplied. 

For example, if a works was originally permanently reinstated on January 2012 with 2 actual 
inspection units, but subsequent remedial works were carried out on 1 st May 2012 which increased the 
overall ActuallnspectionUnits to 3 then the works would be counted in the year from April 2011-March 
2012 to the value of 3 inspection units. 

Works for road purposes notified under EToN 5 or earlier (legacy charge category code 7) should not 
be included in undertaker totals. From EToN 6 onwards these works will be notified against a district of 
the NotificationFromOrg for the relevant Highway Authority. 
UPDATED:  May 22, 2017