How to use Order Print Map System Settings in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Mapping

Order Print Map System Settings are available with the Works Order Map Print module in Confirm®.

The Order Print Map System Settings define the size of map images in pixels and the way in which URL addresses are constructed in order to retrieve map images from a web server.

Map Width / Height:
Set the size (in pixels) for the map on the Order Print.
Copyright Text:
Enter the copyright text that will appear next to the map on the Order.

Map Settings:

Confirm can download maps from internal or external web servers and will identify the supported image formats of GIF or BMP.

URL addresses are constructed dynamically by substituting $ASSETID$, $GROUP$, $XCOORD$, $YCOORD$ with relevant attribute values which are stored against a Job or Feature to which that Job is linked as following:

  • $AssetID$ is substituted by the Central Asset Id of the Feature.
  • $GROUP$ is substituted by the Feature Group code of the Feature.
  • $XCOORD$, $YCOORD$ are substituted by Easting and Northing coordinates of the Job or if these are not defined by Easting and Northing Centroid coordinates of the Feature.

It is also possible to obtain map images indirectly as following:

  • Send a URL query to obtain an html page which includes a link to the required map image.
  • Search within a received html document for another URL address pointing directly to a file, which stores required map image. Search will be performed by finding 'Map URL Search' string predefined in the Order Print Map System Settings, which would indicate the beginning of a required URL link.
  • New query will be constructed by joining predefined 'Map URL Prefix' with the found string and send to the web server to obtain the required map image.

An example Map URL Line might look like this:


Where <myserver> would be substituted with the user's own particular map serving site.

If PlanAccess is being used as the map server then the URL Search and Prefix fields must be left blank and the Copyright text is not necessary as PlanAccess does this automatically. PlanAccess allows other parameters in the URL Link field. These are described in section 4.10 of the PlanAccess developer's manual.

Note 1: If no map appears when the Order is printed; keep the Order Print screen open and look in the local "temp" directory (e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserName\Local Settings\Temp"). There will be a log file which can be viewed to find out why it has not appeared (e.g. sbs12.log) - sort by date to locate it. Common reasons for this could be that there are missing X and Y coordinates for the Feature or Job, or the internet Proxy Settings are incorrect - indicated by a "Get Internet File from URL Error:502" message.

Note 2: As a result of a support case and subsequent investigation by Engineering, Engineering looked into the code and explained the following:

The coordinates of the Job in question must be set i.e. it must be georeferenced (the XCOORD and YCOORD tags don't actually need to be in the URL) OR the ASSETID tag must be in the URL for it to proceed with downloading the map image.

UPDATED:  June 23, 2017