How to resolve what options are available on the 'Actions' button on a Confirm street works notice

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Street Works

The Confirm Help file states the following with regards to the availability of  the actions on the 'Actions' menu.

"The 'Actions' menu is used to progress Notices in Confirm. The options available will be listed and alter depending on the stage or phase of the Works and the Authority / Promoter of the Works. This is determined by which Organisation has the 'Notice Initiation' flag ticked, e.g. if the Authority Organisation of a Notice has the 'Notice Initiation' flag ticked then the main Action options are the Authority Actions." 

Hence the options available under the "Action" button is governed as above.Detailed information could be referred under New Street Works (EToN 4 and above)>Street Works Notice>Toolbar Options>Actions 
UPDATED:  June 22, 2017