Learn to create secondary database connection in Dialogue Admin

Product Feature: Dialogue Admin

In Dialogue Admin, the SQL statements are executed using the default connection. The default connection is the OLE DB Connection used to connect to the Dialogue Database. 

However, sometimes the Dialogue Server needs to retrieve data from other databases through other connections. For example, a set of Paradox database files presents in a customer database. Such an alternative database is called a Secondary Database and has its own database connection.

Following are the steps to create a secondary connection(s) in Dialogue Admin:
  • Navigate to Database Instances/Resources/Secondary databases
  • Right-click right pane (blank in case if no secondary database connection created previously)
  • Select 'New'. Database Connection Properties window appears. Refer Following screenshot.
User-added image
  • Provide the 'Techincal name', Displayed select the database (Oracle/SQL server/DB2 or Other) and click on 'Build'.
  • In Data Link Properties window, Select the 'Provider' and enter the required fields in Connection tab. Click on 'Test Connection' to validate the connection and select 'OK'. Screenshot Follows:
User-added image
  • In the Database connection Properties, select 'Test on the server' to test the connection from the Application server. Screenshot Follows:
User-added image

Note: Above steps are for creating a secondary connection for SQL Server.
UPDATED:  May 23, 2017