Learn to Increase Auto log off duration for Data Manager user interface in Engage One Delivery Audit

The default Auto logoff duration for Data Manager (DM) and Identify manager (IM) User Interfaces (UI) is 20 minutes.

Following are the steps to modify the default timeout in IIS.
1. Open Internet information Services (IIS) (run -> inetmgr or type IIS in windows start)
2. Expand the Home (Server name)
3. In the Application Pool pane, right click on the 'Default Application Pool' or application Pool on which DM and IM UI's are running and select Advanced Settings.
4. Modify the Idea Time-out(minutes) under the Process model. Specify any number but that should not be too high (Default value is 20).

In case this does not help, contact Client Support.
UPDATED:  May 26, 2017