Spectrum Spatial Analyst - Upgrade to SSA 12

Please review release notes for SSA and Spectrum here:

Note: Minimum RAM requirement has increased in version 12. Please assess the server before upgrade. Insufficient system resources can cause upgrade issues. Spectrum needs minimum 16 GB and SSA 3 GB.

1.    Before upgrade, taking a backup of Spectrum configuration database is recommended

2.    Backup of SSA repository is also recommended.
Option 1:
    In this doc, please check chapter “Adding a network location to view the Spatial Repository in Windows”
    Once repository can be viewed via Windows explorer, it’s a matter of zipping up a backup copy of copying to a backup location.
Option 2:
    Install the Admin Utility and use command “lim repo export”

3.    If this is a production system, best to have a server snapshot taken in case rollback is needed.

4.    From Spectrum management console, “Export” the license and save the Spectrum.lic. This will be useful if we have license issues after upgrade.
    In a web browser go to http://server:port/managementconsole
    Log in with your credentials.
    Click System > Licensing and Expiration.
    Click the export icon

5.    Stop all Spectrum and SSA services. Run the Spectrum 12 install.exe to upgrade Spectrum first. Once the upgrade completes, allow the Spectrum service to fully start up. This might take 10-15 mins. Wait till the system tray icon for Spectrum shows green dot.

6.    Stop Spectrum service. Download and apply patches listed for 'Spectrum platform' and 'LI module' from here -
        Ensure patches are applied in ascending order.
        Start Spectrum service and ensure Spectrum home page and Spatial manager launch well.

7.   Run the SSA 12 installer to upgrade SSA. Start the SSA services in this order – Locator, Admin, Connect

8.    Review release notes and run the label converter tool.
Environment Details
UPDATED:  January 24, 2018