How to add new users to a Company when using EngageOne Video

If your company is new to EOV, then you need to have the Engineering Team create your company within EOV. Only then will you be able to add new users to the company via EOV. Please request your new company to be added to EOV by getting in contact with the EngageOne Video product manager or engineering team by JIRA request or email.

After your new company is created in EOV, please following these next steps. You can add new users to your company in order to give them access to all the EngageOne Video projects owned by the company, and allow them to create their own projects. You can control their level of access to the projects by assigning them to one or more roles. To do this your user account must have the User Manager permission. You can also set their access to individual projects on the Project Permissions page.

To add a user to your company:
Go to Administration > User Management.
Click Add New User.
Enter their user details. All details are required.
Select the required roles. The roles you select will initially apply to all the company's projects.
You, or the project owner, can change these permissions for each project on the Project Permissions page. For example, you can:
 - Give the user Developer permissions in one project but Read Only permissions in another.
 - Deny access to a project by deselecting all the roles.
Click Add to create the user.
You can then modify the roles you selected for the user (or for any other user) on the User Management page. If you make any changes, click Save Changes.


You can delete a user account if your user account has the User Manager role. This will prevent the user from logging on to the management portal. If necessary you can restore the account later.  Note, a user who is logged in can continue to work in the project:
Go to Administration > User Management.
Click the return icon next to the relevant user.

To restore a user account:
Go to Administration > User Management.
Click All or Deleted to show the deleted accounts.
Click the return icon next to the relevant user.
UPDATED:  April 3, 2019