Spectrum Technology Platform - Data Hub Module

UPDATED: June 20, 2017

Spectrum Technology Platform - Data Hub Module

Make connections that can help safeguard the security of our nation.

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Gain the insights needed to effectively identify and act on threats and opportunities through:

• Entity relationship identification and analysis, tracking multiple identities back to an individual or criminal group
• Non-obvious relationship identification and analysis across physical and cyber domains
• Web-based visual analysis
• Event-based triggers and Web Services for real-time insight
• Built-in workflow to distribute information to analysts via Web for enhanced due diligence

Network Analysis for the DoD and Intelligence Community

The exponential growth in mobile, social and digital data provides defense agencies with new ways to detect, disrupt and preempt threats—but only if you can analyze unstructured data with speed and confidence. Few systems have the capacity and capability to process these huge volumes of data. Even fewer can generate the timely insights needed.
As part of the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform, the Data Hub Module links entities with actions by identifying connections between people, places and things. Ideal for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, it enables real-time analysis of key relationships and events, making it far easier to track criminal groups, terrorists and individual actors. Event-based and visual data representations provide agencies with the insight to act quickly in response to and in anticipation of potential security threats.

The structure, scope and scale for identity intelligence

A web of connections ties together people, places and things—and understanding those connections helps to pinpoint suspicious activity, uncover non-obvious relationships, and identify potential trigger events. The Data Hub Module delivers the performance capabilities that agencies need for today’s data velocity and volume.
When an agency needs to track an individual actor’s movements, activities and relationships, hundreds of disparate systems, platforms and data sources may need to be utilized—both within and across agency lines.
Yet quality and trust in that data is at an all-time low. Data is often incomplete, inconsistent and duplicated; and, agencies struggle to make timely inferences and derive insightful conclusions.
The Data Hub Module enables powerful network analyses, and is designed to collect, delineate and evaluate vast amounts of data from across disparate systems. With data quality at the heart of its capabilities, the Spectrum Technology Platform standardizes and verifies data elements as per business rules, identifies duplicated entities, and enriches data with geo-spatial intelligence and other third-party data sources. The browser-based interface empowers authorized personnel to easily access its robust analytical capabilities—with little IT expertise required.


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The Data Hub Module enables users to quickly gain a better understanding of relationships geographically.

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Analyses can be conducted based on a range of centrality measurements, providing unparalleled richness of insight—and customizable visualization elements can
enable users to quickly understand which entities are most integral and influential to the network.

Data Hub Module

Understanding the Data Hub Module

The Data Hub Module enables users to carefully analyze networks including people,places and things—through the events, data points and actions that connect them. 

Extraordinary speed, scalability and analytical capabilities enable users to quickly synthesize data to draw out important insights to tackle:

International Terrorism

• Defense Intelligence
• Network Analyses
• Insider Threat Detection
• Monitor Anomalous Behaviors

Expand the scope of your analysis

• The depth of analyses that can be delivered using the Data Hub Module provides for an extraordinary speed and integrity across CONUS and OCONUS targets.

• Better data: Data degrades fast; and, new data is generated at a staggering rate.

• The Data Hub Module reviews data for accuracy and completeness as well as potential augmentation before it applies it for insights.

•  Use of structured and unstructured inputs: Social media is transforming the ways in which people communicate. And, a vast and growing wealth of user created content—from blogs, microblogs, social sharing sites, etc.—can provide important clues to identifying threats. Using the Data Hub Module, the
Intelligence Community can develop insights by analyzing both structured and unstructured data for a more complete picture of connections and events.

• Geospatial insights: Web and mobile technologies are making the world smaller; and connections between persons-of-interest often span the globe. Geospatial insights available through the Data Hub Module help to draw connections within cities, countries, continents worldwide.

• Predictive analysis: The Data Hub Module can help to pinpoint the more critical connections: the bad actors who are network influencers, and the events thatare most likely indicative of an escalation in activities of concern. Integrating the Data Hub Module with data quality and network analysis makes it possible to go beyond determining connections and attempt to indicate future behavior.

The Suite of Pitney Bowes Software Solutions Include:
Most importantly, our Global Data Catalog provides comprehensive, up-to-date data for boundaries and borders, postal data, street and transportation data, and demographics across CONUS and OCONUS markets. Increase the usability of these insights The Data Hub Module puts the user in the driver’s seat. It provides secure,
browser-based access to authorized users via the web. The user interface makes it easy to zoom in on and filter data based on any selection criteria, including particular entities, types of entities and/or actions. And, with the Data Hub Module, users can set temporal limits to review actions, connections, and chains-of-events within a specific time period or visualize relationships on a map.

• Identify Potential Actions
• Domestic Security
• Homeland Security
• Border Security
•Transportation Security
• Fraud
• Money Laundering
• Crime Mapping
• Human Entity Resolution
• Identify Unknown Actors
• Confirm Suspected ID

Added Value

Make connections in real time

Information moves at lightning speed through mobile, social and digital channels - providing bad actors with more ways to organize, plan and communicate while trying
to avoid detection. More than ever before, agencies in the intelligence community needeffective ways to identify behaviors, activities and relationships.

Overcome limitations to gain new insight
The Data Hub Module is designed to address today’s challenges. It processes extraordinary amounts of data at extraordinary speeds, offering users the option of realtime results or detailed visualizations. By combining data integration, data quality, human identity analysis and location intelligence, the Data Hub Module supports the predictive
analytics that can visualize likely next moves—and chart a course to identify, anticipate and neutralize potential threats.
Improve results

• Given the well-documented threats and risks, agencies need to make achieve more with the data on hand, make connections and identify relationships wherever they may exist.

• Identify Bad Actors: The combination of data quality, location intelligence and network analysis put agencies in position to identify unknown actors, confirm identities and
match suspects to specific times and events in the context of precise geographical coordinates.

• Track Finances: The Data Hub Module can help identify and shut down fraud rings and money-laundering operations using geospatial, naming, and temporal analyses to
identify non-obvious relationships—even across multiple individuals or organizations.

• Identify Insider Threats: By constantly monitoring for anomalous behaviors, the Data Hub Module supports counterintelligence efforts, identifying potential actors and intentions.


• Access data where it resides: The ability to access data without a lengthy or costly integration process makes the Data Hub Module fast and flexible.
• Access the Data Hub Module anytime, anywhere: This web based tool requires no installation. Authorized users can log on whenever and from wherever they need.

Product Features

• Connect to any type of data source: file, relational, hierarchical, web
• Physically move data from multiple sources or virtualize data on-demand
• Standardize, parse and cleanse data elements
• Identify and consolidate duplicates
• Append demographic and geographic insight

• Visualize relationships through an intuitive web client
• Organize, decorate, highlight, filter, select, zoom and center
• View information pertinent to the analysis context
• Add personal notes and/or comments
• Identify influencers and gatekeepers through centrality based analysis
• Understand relationships over time
• Real-time querying
• Event-based triggers
• Built-in workflow to push information to field agents via a web portal for follow-up and enhanced due diligence

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Spectrum® Technology Platform.


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