Resolve .dxf/.dgn file text attributes appearing as objects when using Universal Translator in MapInfo Professional®

UPDATED: June 9, 2017

When converting Text Objects or Text Nodes (in Bentley Microstation) using the Universal Translator in MapInfo Professional®, these are being converted to text objects and not table attributes of a point object. This is (currently) working as designed according to SAFE Software, and would require a change to the Universal Translator. 

In order to work around this, you will need to use either FME Desktop - where you can control how the conversion is done - or obtain an FME Licence to licence the FME Universal Translator. This will then give you the option of converting the .dxf/.dgn file to a Shape file (.shp) which will convert the text to point objects with attributes, and then convert from Shape to Tab, where the points will remain as point objects.

Environment Details

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™


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