Public Sector Customer Case Study Transportation Assets.

Confirm® Asset Management System and Asset 
Public Sector Customer Case Study transportation assets.

“ Dublin City Council is very happy with the work Fujitsu has done and the functionality it now has in Road Maintenance Services. It is currently implementing modules in other business areas
such as street lighting, traffic infrastructure and bridges.”

Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council wanted a single platform to manage transportation assets. Fujitsu deployed
Pitney Bowes Confirm® Solution, enabling real-time visibility of asset management.

At a glance
Country: Ireland
Industry: Local Government
Founded: 1840
Employees: 5,589

Dublin City Council relied on a variety of legacy systems to record the status of important assets, involving significant levels of manual intervention. It wanted to find a smarter way of managing its assets with total real-time visibility.

Following a detailed tender process, the Council selected Fujitsu, based on its tender proposal and the strong references provided. Fujitsu in conjunction with Pitney Bowes configured and deployed the Confirm Software Solution in the Road Maintenance Division of the Environment & Transportation Department and integrated it with the Council’s customer service (CRM) solution.


■ All inspection requests are now logged in the Confirm system, complete with GIS coordinates so they can be viewed on a map
■ The Confirm app means users can view data on the move and update progress onsite
■ Fujitsu has integrated Confirm with the CRM which means that when the public report needed repairs online via the Council’s website (iSupport) or via, their enquiry or service request will get to the relevant Council personnel much quicker and easier

Dublin City Council (DCC) is the authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin in Ireland. It is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture and environment in this city of over half a million residents. The Council has 63 elected members, 5,589 employees and is the largest local council in Ireland.

Products and services
■ Fujitsu Systems Integration
■ Pitney Bowes Confirm product and ConfirmConnect® mobile app

Managing urban assets is a vital part of successfully running a modern city and Dublin is no exception. From street lighting to traffic infrastructure and roadway condition, it is essential to keep track of the current state of maintenance and operation.

Dublin City Council had been using a variety of legacy systems to record the status of these important and expensive assets. This involved significant levels of manual intervention using various systems. The Council wanted to find a smarter way to handle the monitoring of its asset portfolio.

DCC needed to keep records, track ongoing work, better prioritise works and measure performance across various divisions but the systems couldn’t give joined-up, real-time visibility. In a time of decreasing budgets and investment, while traffic and roadworks increase, it became evident that DCC needed a modern IT platform to give a clear view of operations and maintenance of assets in the urban environment and ensure that issues could be solved quickly and cost-effectively.

The Council issued a detailed RFT, including over 500 requirements, for a new software solution that could provide granular transparency initially across all roadworks operations. Following onsite visits to Aberdeen, Birmingham and London where Pitney Bowes had already implemented the Confirm Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS), the Council became convinced this would provide the best match for it needs.

DCC already had a number of contracts with Fujitsu so it was well-positioned to assist on the journey and it had the references to prove it. By deploying TAMS, DCC knew it could enable a consistent, efficient and joined-up view of its assets and works.

Pitney Bowes Confirm (Confirm) is an enterprise asset management solution specifically designed to empower public bodies with the insight to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance and investment for critical public infrastructure assets against tightly constrained budgets and timescales. It enables stakeholders to make informed and accurate decisions on multiple asset types including urban roads and motorways, bridges, structures, parks and green spaces, trees, street lights, signage, street furniture, property, cleansing resources, refuse collection and
management resources.

Starting with a series of workshops with key stakeholders, Fujitsu began to identify and implement the necessary processes and workflows for engineers, front desk agents, inspectors and other users.

Over the course of twelve months, data was verified and migrated to the new platform, followed by user training and acceptance exercises.

DCC now have around 100 employees using the system, including 60 users in the field using the ConfirmConnect App. Fujitsu has also integrated Confirm with the DCC corporate customer services system, CRM, software to give full visibility across Road Maintenance operations. The Confirm system is hosted in Dublin City Council’s secure data centre and managed by Fujitsu, which helps it to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently.

Now, rather than arriving via phone or email to different departments, all inspection requests and queries are funnelled and logged into the Confirm system, complete with GIS co-ordinates so they can be viewed on a map. Confirm has also been configured by Fujitsu to work in a mobile environment using the ConfirmConnect app so users can view data on the move and update progress onsite. Information passes both ways between users and the central database so updates are always available and agents can view progress in real-time. In addition, it has been integrated with the DCC corporate customer services system, CRM which automatically captures online requests or reports from the public via the Council’s website (iSupport) or via allowing members of the public to quickly and easily report needed repairs.Put simply, everyone who needs the right information can get it easily
and be confident it is up to date. The Confirm Pavement Management module will use Confirm to analyse survey information and use a scoring system to determine the condition ratings and the treatments types for each road. It will enable engineers to prioritise works and establish funding projections needed to achieve optimum condition and performance for the Road Network.

One additional benefit of the new system is the potential to help the Council investigate and defend public liability claims. The Council will have better record of assets, their condition and work done. DCC is very happy with the work Fujitsu has done and the functionalityit now has and is currently implementing modules in other business areas such as street lighting, traffic infrastructure and bridges. DCC are satisfied that Fujitsu have proven particularly candid and flexible while always keeping DCC personnel updated on progress throughout the deployment which has greatly assisted DCC in the roll-out of the asset management system.

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UPDATED:  June 20, 2017