How to handle leftover or old TKT files in P/I OfficeMail

OfficeMail™ generates a set of BSV, MOD and TKT files from a bundle as the output.

The default output folder would be \OFMA\OUT.
These BSV, MOD and TKT files will feed into Output Manager for further process e.g. conversion to output file on disk or printing.

Both BSV and MOD files will be automatically deleted from the OUT folder once it is picked up by Output Manager's connect.
While the TKT file will remains in the OUT folder.

When the job completed at Output Manager stage, an OUT file will be generated.
The default path for this OUT file is \OFMA\VIPProcessedFiles folder.
Each OUT file is dedicated for specific TKT file.
This allowed the processed job to change to "Completed" status at the User Website.

The TKT file will still remains in the OUT folder after the job changed to  "Completed" status.
This TKT file required manual deletion.
We advise customer to configure Windows Scheduler to delete TKT file periodically.

Please verify and contact the Software Support Team at if you have any query.

Environment Details
Products Affected: Office Mail
UPDATED:  August 10, 2017