How to enable template messages in EngageOne 4.4

EngageOne 4.4.2
Windows 2012
Customers sometimes have messages hidden in their publications/templates that they would see in their DOC1GEN or Server logs. Please see image attached (messages.png) for a sample of the message configuration. 

In EngageOne 3.1.2, these messages would appear in the server logs but in EngageOne 4.4.x they are not there by default.. Reason for this is because the default logging level is set to WARN. If you open file, you should be able to find the following line:

For production systems a level of WARN and stdout disabled should be used.

If you follow that rule in your installation, all messages marked as INFO, DEBUG and TRACE are not present in the logs. The messages created in the template/publication are logged as INFO.

To be able to see the template/publication messages created in Designer in the EngageOne 4.4 logs, customer will need to adjust the following logging setting:

1. Open your file.
2. Change the following from WARN to INFO: logging.default.level=WARN
3. Save the file.
4. Run the groovy installation script (-configure option) against the composition bundle.
5. Run the job again and you should see the template messages in the composition-services.log. 

NOTE: In this case it would be the composition bundle but you can do this for any bundle. You can set different logging level for each bundle. For example – conversion and security can run on default setting (WARN), core could be set to INFO and composition to TRACE. You have be aware of one thing – the more detailed logging is enabled in your environment, the bigger logs.
UPDATED:  June 16, 2017