How to Label the Destination line of the First Class OMX pallet using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus
Product Feature: USPS / Postal
Operating System: All Platforms

The REPORT AUDITTRL shows pallet 2 is an OMX pallet –
Pallet 2           350   OMX    
Using REPORT PALTAGS, the pallet label files has this for Line 1, the destination line–
The USPS is saying that the Pallet tag line 1 for an OMX pallet should start with 'MXD'.  This is per the L201 information:
For First-Class Mail letters, flats, and parcels originating in the 3-digit entry ZIP Code in Column A, label trays and sacks to the corresponding destination in Column C. Use "MXD" instead of "OMX." Ignore Column B.
Why is MailStream Plus using OMX and not MXD on line 1 of the OMX pallet destination line ?
MailStream Plus is using the DMM 705.8.1.f: rules:
8.10.1 First-Class Mail—Letter or Flats Trays
f. Origin Mixed ADC Surface. Required. Pallet may contain trays destined for the 3-digit ZIP Codes in L201, based on origin ZIP Code. Labeling:
Line 1: “OMX” followed by city, state, and ZIP Code information for ADC serving 3-digit ZIP Code prefix of entry post office, as shown in L201.
The DMM is the ultimate source of presort rules.
The confusion must be with the fact that L201 is also used by DMM 235.6.5.c:
c.         Mixed AADC: required (no minimum); group pieces by AADC when overflow pieces from AADC trays are placed in mixed AADC trays. For Line 1 use L201; for mail originating in ZIP Code areas in Column A, use “MXD” followed by city, state, and 3-
ZIP Code prefix in Column C (use “MXD” instead of “OMX” in the destination line and ignore Column B).
Using OMX for pallet tags is correct as the DMM 705.8.1.f says to use OMX on line 1.
Using MXD for tray tags 
is correct as the DMM 235.6.5.c says to use MXD on this  line 1.

UPDATED:  June 16, 2017