How to change default LSRPOOL and STRING settings for Finalist or CODE-1 Plus in CICS

Products Affected: Finalist, CODE-1 Plus
Product Feature: Interactive Tool
Operating System: z/OS
Both the Finalist and CODE-1 Plus database files are defined in CICS with default settings of the variables.  If a user would like to test increasing the number of strings and adding files to an LSRPOOL, this can be done using the CICS STRINGS and ADDTOGRP parameters.  Those are not Finalist or CODE-1 Plus parameters, but CICS Transaction Server parameters.

Note:  This is not something that we support.  A user can make changes to the defaults and do some testing, but we cannot guarantee the results.  Reads to the files are entirely random and, therefore, no performance benefits are expected.
UPDATED:  March 22, 2019