County Council Uses Location Intelligence Technology To Reduce Asset Management Costs

Products Affected: Confirm® software, Spectrum™ Spatial Analyst
County Council Uses Location Intelligence Technology To Reduce Asset Management Costs

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Customer Profile Lincolnshire County Council

• Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Highways and Transportation Group employs 438 staff, serving the needs of 687,000 citizens and numerous visitors to the county.
• LCC is responsible for 9,500km of roads, over 4,000km of footway and in excess of 200,000 assets such as street lights, road signs and bridges.

Keeping Track Of Highway Assets

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) went out to tender for a single integrated asset management system to be adopted across all of its highways-related departments. Managing and maintaining a number of different systems was leading to needless hardware and training costs, while a lack of systems integration was introducing unnecessary duplication of effort across departments. The new system would be expected to deliver over £1 million of cashable savings and further cost and time efficiencies through integration with core business systems, finance and CRM.

Business Challenge

LCC needed to improve and expedite its operational and financial highways maintenance processes, from initial defect reporting through to confirmation of the final repair. In line with the ongoing drive for the public sector to achieve ‘more for less’ it also needed to generate real cashable savings by radically reducing its IT overhead and enabling its staff to work smarter and more efficiently. The successful solution would need to deliver against a formal business case outlining quantifiable cost efficiencies and a project payback timeline.

“The implementation and rollout of Confirm has successfully delivered against our business plan, releasing cashable savings of over £1.5 million over five years.”
— Alan Aistrup, Divisional
Highways Manager

Technology Used

• Confirm®, a modular software solution for the maintenance and management of public infrastructure assets including Highways, Lights and Street Works.
• Spectrum™ Spatial Analyst, a web-based mapping application that provides live information about the location of assets and services.
• Integrated with the council’s corporate SAP CRM and Finance system.

“This was a major IT implementation carried out over a matter of years. Yet together we’re on budget, have all of the functionality we expected and are achieving all of the efficiency savings.”
— Alan Aistrup, Divisional Highways Manager


The council required a single infrastructure asset management system that could streamline multiple back office systems and databases, improve workflows, and provide a single version of the truth for all highways officers, term maintenance contractors and other stakeholders.

LCC selected Confirm asset management software from Pitney Bowes, rolling it out in a phased approach. The first phase set up Confirm as a single asset management platform used across all highways departments and by Lincolnshire’s Highways Alliance partners.

This was followed by Enquiries, Works Management, Highway Inspections, Street Lighting and Structures modules, all of which are integrated to facilitate automatic notification of streetworks. In so doing, Confirm has replaced a dozen various back office systems, leading to significant economies in licencing, plus a significant reduction in hardware, software support and staff training costs. The project has also been expanded to include Events Management Works Scheduling and Winter Maintenance modules, implementation of which continues.

Tight integration with Spectrum Spatial and the corporate SAP CRM system used by LCC’s customer service team followed to streamline workflows and, crucially, provide a single source of information for all stakeholders involved in the management of highways and related assets. The management of all aspects, from current job status to the financial administration of contracts, is done via simple-to-use automated dashboards, eliminating the need to switch between systems or re-key data.

Confirm Mobile has also been implemented to enable highways inspectors’ maintenance teams to spend longer out ‘in the field’ without returning to the office to complete paperwork, thereby simplifying reporting, improving the geographical accuracy of work orders and providing the most up-to-date information to the public about the
status of repairs.


The council’s vision of a single integrated asset management platform has been delivered on budget, with all the required functionality and meeting the terms of the business case. The solution has released cashable saving of over £1.5m over 5 years as well as driving further non-cashable savings of more than £3m through cost and resource efficiencies over the same period. It will achieve project payback in year 6, with further additional efficiencies predicted due to wider use of the system by LCC’s Highways Alliance partners.

Confirm Mobile enables highways contractors to do more ‘on the move’ and reduce travel costs while addressing the specific challenges of managing a rural county. Where mobile coverage is poor, the information is cached and transmitted later in an area with mobile signal.
UPDATED:  September 21, 2017