How to interpret Portrait Dialogue error codes

Current Error Codes as of Portrait Dialogue 6.1.4

Portrait Dialogue™ error codes as of PD 6.1.4

10000Internal error
10001Message template has not been found
10002Special provider has not been found
10003Telemarketing – no more participants to fetch
10004Selection name is already in use
10005PSR selection has not been found in the database
10006Unable to translate PSR selection
10007PSR selection translated with error
10008Translated PSR selection is not a boolean expression
10009PSR list has not been found in the database
10010PSR selection list has not been found in the database
10011User session has expired
10012Logger has been already used in a different thread
10013Error occurred while writing to the log file
40000Incorrect usage of data – general group
50000Exception related to the database activity – general group
UPDATED:  June 29, 2017