How to perform a backup of configuration and custom data files prior to an upgrade - Spectrum Technology Platform and Spectrum Spatial

UPDATED: December 21, 2018

Before an upgrade on Spectrum™ Technology Platform v12.0 and Spectrum® Spatial it is recommended to backup the entire Spectrum folder. If the upgrade goes wrong the bad Spectrum folder can be replaced with the backup ensuring a restore is done to the previous version. Search indexes, matching tables, and configured properties can be restored if anything goes wrong during the upgrade. The installer will check for the prodrepo.xml located in %install_home\Spectrum folder which lists the version and modules installed and perform the upgrade. As some of the properties have changed and an entire list of all parameters and values is exhaustive it is recommended not to replace the *.properties files with the backed up ones.

Most property file and configuration files are backed up with exceptions listed below for Spectrum™ Technology Platform.

1) If  LDAP is used for Spectrum™ Technology Platform authentication, the file stored in <spectrum_home>server\app\conf\spring\security\ must be backed up. The back up file created as part of the upgrade process does not back up this file. Then, after upgrading, use a text editor to update the properties in this file to match the properties with the backed up copy.

2) Data Hub Module: As part of the upgrade process Spectrum™ Technology Platform backs up the previous Spectrum\server\modules\hub\ file as well as the Spectrum\server\modules\hub\db\ file. Backups can be used to restore any changes made to these files; however, it is crucial NOT to  copy the new file over the old file because some properties may have been added or removed in the new release.

In the event the upgrade fails the bad spectrum folder can be replaced with the backed up one and previous version restored.

Note: If you are upgrading Spectrum™ Technology Platform from a version earlier than 12.0, the file has changed significantly due to the neo4j update from 2.x to 3.x. Please read Spectrum\server\modules\hub\DataHubUpgrade_From_PreV12_README.txt for full details. Also due to this neo4j update, Data Hub upgrades are no longer supported from Spectrum™ Technology Platform 9.3; you must upgrade from at least version 10.0.

Spectrum Spatial - It is important to back up custom data sources and resources prior to upgrading using the limrepo export command.

3) It is recommended to back up the java.vmargs file for each module under %install_home%\Spectrum\server\modules\.

Backing up Spectrum Spatial configuration and custom files.

1) Any files added by the customer to the server/modules/spatial/lib folder or the server/app/types folder will not be preserved during an upgrade. Custom Data Providers, and custom symbols, modifications to the coordinate systems files are all examples of this. They should all be manually backed up before upgrade. 

It is heavily advised to never place customer data such as .tab or .shp files in the Spectrum server folder including the Spatial Samples folder. These will not be maintained. Customer data should be placed outside of the Spectrum install folder in a dedicated data area. If these files have been placed under Spectrum install, back them up and place them somewhere else after upgrade. 

2) The Spectrum Spatial repository should be backed up by use of the Spectrum CLI (Administration Utility) using the limrepo export command.

To back up the entire repository use "/" as the source Use this example with the local storage location being your choice. 
limrepo export --s /--o C:\MyLocalStorageForRepository --c 
--c will continue on error which is better for scripting. 

This will also backup Access Control Settings if they are in use. 

If ACL has been used, make sure you back up any Spectrum users and roles in the CLI as well. 

Any configuration files in the server/modules/spatial folder should be backed up before upgrade. Many of these are maintained but perhaps not all. Please backup any of the files that you have modified. 

3) Ensure the  %install_home%\server\modules\spatial\ and %install_home%\server\modules\spatial\java.vmargs to save any non-default settings.

4) If  upgrading from 9.0 SP3, there are significant changes to the repository that will render previous backups ineffective. Make a copy of the entire repository located in the <spectrum_home>\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit directory.

5) Upgrade paths from 9.0 to 12.0
Current version    Upgrade path
11.0 SP1              Upgrade directly to 12.0
11.0                      Upgrade directly to 12.0
10.0 SP1              Upgrade directly to 12.0
10.0                      Upgrade to 10.0 SP1, then upgrade to 12.0
9.0 SP3                Upgrade directly to 12.0
9.0 SP2                Upgrade to 9.0 SP3, then upgrade to 12.0
9.0 SP1                Upgrade to 9.0 SP3, then upgrade to 12.0
9.0                        Upgrade to 9.0 SP3, then upgrade to 12.0

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Products affected: Spectrum Technology Platform and Spectrum Spatial


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