How to find out which print templates that include the legend are in SVG format and convert them in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

In the Spectrum™ Spatial Analyst ( SSA) 12.0  release notes there is the below information from page 9.

The limitations in Spectrum Spatial Analyst are listed below: 
• For IE11/Edge, only PNG format is supported instead of SVG format in this release. The only limitation of this approach is that style annotation legend will not be shown on IE legend panel for print. It will not impact on main page legend panel. The main page legend panel will work as it is with SVG images. This fix will only impact the print functionality legend panel in IE11/Edge. 

For print templates that include the legend,  how can it be determined if they are using SVG format and is it necessary to convert them to PNG format ?
There is no need to convert to PNG format and it can't be determined which ones are in SVG format as SSA handles this internally.
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Product Feature: Spectrum™ Spatial Analyst 12.0

UPDATED:  November 9, 2018