Exporting an OD Batch file in Confirm Street Works.

Product affected: Confirm®

The Organisation District (OD) batch file can be exported from Confirm into an XML file that can sent to other organisations.

To access this functionality, use the Street Works  > Street Works Lookups > Organisation options from the Confirm Explorer. Now enter the Organisation details of the organisation that you wish to export. When the screen is populated click the 'OTHER' option on the toolbar and select 'Export to OD Batch XML'.
Below is the extract from the help file to explain what all the fields mean and what to select:

Export to OD Batch XML

This option is used to create an OD Batch XML file which can be submitted with the Highway Authority's Gazetteer submission. Utility companies will then download and import this data before sending Notices to the Highway Authority.

Organisation Group:

The Organisation Group will be set from the Organisation which was selected when the 'Export to OD XML' option was selected.


The current Organisation will be set. To export all Organisations for the Group, remove the Organisation value entered here.

OD Filename:


Supply the path and filename that the OD file should be saved to.

Note: The filename must be in the format shown in the above example in order to pass validation i.e. 7295_OD.xml. 7295 should be replaced with the Organisation DfT Ref 1.

OD Version:

Select the EToN version of the output XML file. The options available depend on EToN versions of the organisations in the current group.

  • If there is a mix of EToN 4,5 and 6 Organisations then only EToN 4 will be in the list and it will be greyed out to indicate a mix of EToN sources.

  • If there is a mix of EToN 5 and 6 Organisations and then the user may choose between EToN 4 or 5 output data as appropriate for the recipient. So if the recipient is EToN 4 they can still receive an OD Batch XML file for EToN 5 or 6 Organisations.

  • If all the Organisations are EToN 6 then the user may choose between EToN 4,5 or 6 output data as appropriate for the recipient. So if the recipient is EToN 4 or 5 they can still receive an OD Batch XML file for EToN 6 Organisations.

Click 'OK' to run the process. This will pass the Organisation data through the EToN schemas to validate the data starting with the current one. If any problems are found, these will be reported on the preview screen. Please refer to the 'Operational District (OD) transactions' section for further details about the required fields which would cause errors.

'Export Via EToN' should not be used until the data passes validation and the following message is displayed:

User-added image


Note: If the process was run for the whole Organisation Group, all Organisations will be listed at the bottom of the preview.

Click the XML button to save the XML file in the location supplied in the export filter. Confirm will prompt the user to see if they wish to launch the created file. This button can be used even if the export has failed validation, which is useful to review the data which is being exported.

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UPDATED:  April 2, 2019