Learn to determine/control number of emails sent per connection in EngageOne Digital Delivery (formerly eMessaging) defined in <..>\core.war\WEB-INF\classes\ file determines number of emails which
EngageOne Digital Delivery sends using a connection made to SMTP Server.

Few SMTP servers have restriction on number of email that can be sent in one connection. This value can be changed as per the limit of SMTP Server, for example, if SMTP server is capable of sending only 200 emails in a connection then this parameter must be set at 200 or less than 200.

Having a smaller value of the this parameter may have miner impact on the performance. For example if this value is set to 10 than after every 10 emails, EngageOne Digital Delivery will create a new connection to SMTP server hence time taken for making connections will get added to processing.

Note: After change in the value of, Application server will needs to be restarted.
UPDATED:  July 21, 2017