How to blank out secondary unused address lines when executing C1BM00 in Code-1 Plus

Product Feature: Parameter settings
Operating System: All
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
In order to blank out address lines that are not used by CODE-1 Plus, it is necessary to to use the “INP” option in column 12-14 of the SA OUT parameter.  When using "INP", pass an X in position 18 of SA OUT to blank out the unused address lines.


12-14  Location for Address With Apartment

Location on the output record for the standardized address, including apartment information. Enter a location, or “INP” to store the standardized address in the same location as the input address. (INP is only valid if ADDRDF col. 8 is L or M.) 

18  Blank Unused Address Lines

This option is only allowed when the “INP” option is specified in columns 12-14. If set to “X”, the unused address lines are blank.
Blank — Do not blank out the input address lines.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017