How to apply the Spectrum EGM Q2 international data updates

UPDATED: October 13, 2017

Steps to apply the Q2 2017 international data update

1) Review the list of Spectrum patches here - Spectrum Patch List
Apply the patches for the modules which you have on your installation. This step is in preparation for the EGM data patch.
**Ensure the order of patches is followed, say S02 is applied before S15.
If you are not sure about the Spectrum modules that are in use, please start the Spectrum installer (install.exe). The modules that show up 'ticked' in the list are the ones that are installed.
***Spectrum service has to be stopped before copying the patch files into the installation.

2) Download and install the patch from the link below. This is the main patch needed for the EGM data changes. Review the patch release notes "
v12.0 Patch S12                                              CDQ1200S12
v11.1 Patch S40                                              CDQ1110S40              
v11.0 Patch S39                                              CDQ1100S39              
v10.1 Patch S49                                              CDQ1010S49              
v10.0 Patch S17                                              CDQ1000S17              

3) Download the EGM Q2 international dataset and install it.There is a slight change in installation process that No dbloader is required to install and choose country specific data. You need to extract the .SPD file at desired location and configure in management console with the path of that location.
See attached release notes "
ReleaseNotes_Data_EGM_Q22017.pdf" which explain installation steps in chapters "Installing Databases for Spectrum 12.0 and 11.1" and "Installing Databases for Spectrum 11.0, 10.1, and 10.0"

Note that EGM data patch in step 2 has to be applied before the dataset is installed.

**If it's an option, a server snapshot can be created prior to patch application. This would be useful if a rollback is needed. We recommend this step especially for production systems.



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