Understanding ValueMAX charges

UPDATED: 6 September 2017

If you lease your equipment from Pitney Bowes you have an obligation to insure our equipment and to provide us with evidence of insurance to satisfy that requirement.

Alternatively, you can join Pitney Bowes ValueMAXSM, our product replacement program and a waiver by us of your obligation to insure. Under the program we assume the risk of loss or damage to the equipment upon your payment to us of a fee.

Please be aware that the ValueMAXSM fee will be billed on the second invoice of each new lease, unless we receive evidence of insurance. Please see below for how to provide us with evidence of insurance.

*Unfortunately ValueMAXSM is only on offer and available to corporate bodies and partnerships with more than 3 partners.

The benefits of ValueMAXSM
Pitney Bowes will replace or repair the leased equipment at no additional cost to you if it is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed for any reason, but not if the loss is as a result of normal wear and tear, negligence or misconduct. If a replacement is necessary, we will provide that replacement even if the equipment price has since increased. With ValueMAXSM no adjustment will be made for the age of the equipment and there's no excess to pay; We aim to replace your equipment within 10 working days.

ValueMAXSM removes the need to pay for a replacement, and then process a claim via your insurance company.

The value of this charge is confirmed by letter prior to the charge being applied to your lease.

With ValueMAXSM you get:
  • All-round cover from damage by fire or flood to theft. ValueMAXSM covers all forms of loss or damage to the equipment.
  • No third-party involvement. By eliminating the middle man, your equipment will be repaired or replaced quickly.
  • No minimum-loss size and no excess regardless of the repairs or replacements necessary
  • No price increases. The price of ValueMAXSM will remain the same throughout the life of your lease, unlike insurance which increases every year.
  • Convenience. The cost of ValueMAXSM can be included in your lease payment, so it’s spread over the life of the lease. And we won’t charge you a premium for the convenience of paying in installments.

What is the difference between a Maintenance/Service Agreement and ValueMAXSM ?
A Maintenance/Service Agreement means that if your equipment breaks down, Pitney Bowes will repair or replace it at no additional cost (subject to conditions). ValueMAXSM means that if your leased equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, Pitney Bowes will repair or replace it at no additional cost (subject to conditions).

What will happen next ?
You are under no obligation to accept ValueMAXSM  provided you furnish us with evidence of a comprehensive insurance policy under which the equipment is covered to its full replacement value, within 30 days of signing your lease. Please see below for how to provide us with evidence of insurance.

If you do not provide us with evidence of insurance you may be enrolled in ValueMAXSM  automatically.

To take advantage of the many benefits of ValueMAXSM, the fee will be included with your future lease payments, and your payments to us will confirm your ongoing participation in this valuable programme. If you pay by direct debit, a revised schedule of Value Added Tax will be sent to you as notification of an amendment to your direct debit mandate.

Providing us with evidence of insurance.
Please complete the online evidence of insurance form

How do I make a claim on the ValueMAXSM scheme?
Simply contact us using the support contact information provided. Subject to your claim being valid, we will ensure your equipment is repaired or replaced quickly and hassle free.


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