How to support third party dataset while exporting/importing a focus in Portrait Miner v7.0A

Portrait Miner v7.0A allows to import / export a focus from a dataset in a third-party format.

Supported dataset types are:
1sasSAS (.sas7bdat files)
2sas1SAS 6 for Unix (.ssd01 files)
3sas2SAS 6 for Windows (.sd2 files)
 4 sasxSAS Transport (.xpt files)
5spss-hlSPSS for Unix (.sav files)
6spssSPSS for Windows (.sav files)
7excelMicrosoft Excel (.xls files)
8excelxMicrosoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx files)
9xbasedBASE or FoxPro (.dbf files)
10gaussGauss (.dat files)
11gauss96Gauss for Unix (.dat files)

For detailed information on third party dataset support, refer Portrait Miner DBM User Guide or contact Client Support.

As of Spectrum Miner Version 8, we no longer supports the following file types when reading or writing third-party data: SAS, SPSS, DBASE, GAUSS. You can continue to access these files types from Spectrum Miner™​​ using ODBC or by exporting the data to supported file formats. You can purchase software from Circle Systems that translates third-party file formats at
UPDATED:  September 5, 2017