How to know when MailStream Plus 8.3.3 moves pieces from Basic Carrier Route to the Automation presort group

MailStream Plus 8.3.3 all platforms.
ALG CR parameter position 10=Q (rate optimization option) tells MailStream Plus (MSP) to move Basic CRRT mail to Automation if the postage will be less.
With the rates that went into effect Jan 2017, the Basic CRRT rate is 0.290.  And the MAADC automation rate is 0.288, or .002 less.

The customer asked why his Basic CRRT pieces were not moved to the Auto MAADC presort and rate.

The reason is that MSP does not go by the actual postage when deciding to move the pieces. 
One of the problems is that what the new USPS rates will be is not always known at the time a new MSP version is being coded.  So MSP goes by the presort rate levels (5-digit, AADC, etc).  For example 5-Digit Automation is always cheaper so MSP would move the pieces to that rate category.  
But the MSP code is written to *not* move Basic CRRT pieces to the MAADC rate, because it has historically been more expensive than Basic CRRT.

But as mentioned above, surprisingly the Auto MAADC is currently 0.002 less than Basic CRRT.  (Which may or may not be true with future USPS Rate Changes.)
The Developers are researching the issue to consider making changes/corrections as needed.
UPDATED:  August 11, 2017