How to resolve CONFIRM.SW_COMMT_FK8_PENALTY_KEY error in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works

When using the Street Works Notice Reprocessor, the below error appears:

Notice Reprocessing started - 11:15 20/06/2017 
Xml Files Processing started - 11:15 20/06/2017 
2 files found in Source Folder. 
No duplicate Notices found in Source Folder. 
Reprocessing Notices 
Failed to send notice. File: P:\Transfer\Agents\EToN\Webservice\Inbound\Invalid\Reprocess\EToN_20170620100713.xml Works Ref: BC001ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS Reason: Failed to import file P:\Transfer\Agents\EToN\Webservice\Inbound\Invalid\Reprocess\EToN_12345678910112.xml OracleException : ORA-02291: integrity constraint (ABC_CONFIRM.SW_COMMT_FK8_PENALTY_KEY) violated - parent key not found 

We can see that FPN Number - JB001234567 which is trying to be imported already exists for SW Notice with Work Ref - EP1234567891011. Importing an already existing FPN on an offence on a different site is incorrect. - This causes a mismatch between the notice Work Ref and FPN Number. 

You need to provide a valid number for the Street Work Notice to resolve this issue.
UPDATED:  July 27, 2017