Learn to install Sagent server on Windows machine

UPDATED: July 28, 2017

Following are the steps to install Sagent server on Windows:
  • Navigate to folder containing Sagent installer i.e. 'Sagent_v_<X.Y>_GA(Shipped)Windows_64bit' (for 64-bit installation) or 'Sagent_v_<X.Y>_GA(Shipped)Windows_32bit' (for 32-bit installation). <X.Y> is placeholder for major and miner release for example 6.8.
  • Right click on 'setup.exe' file and select 'Run as Admin'.
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  • Go to 'Install Products'.
  • Select 'Sagent 64 bit Windows' or 'Sagent 32 bit Windows' as per the configuration of Windows on the machine.
  • Continue with the installation and provide the 'License Key/Installation Key' when asked.
  • At 'Select Component' window, select both 'Access server', 'Load Server' and 'Weblink server' (if licensed) and then continue.
  • Restart machine at the end of installation.

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Product Feature: Sagent Installation


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