How to understand Enquiry Status change Alerts in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
You have set up an Enquiry Alert In Confirm® to notify of a Status change. Whenever the Status is set, or re-set, and the Status, Service and Subject of the Enquiry match those in the Alert criteria, the system will send out an Alert to the specified Customer(s).

For example:

1. The earlier Status was A (to which Enquiry Alert Type 'A1' corresponds) but the Status gets changed to Status B. If we change the Enquiry back to Status A again the Alert 'A1' will get sent.

Explanation: Every time the Status A is changed to or back to,  the Alert 'A1' will be triggered.

2. If, for example, you change the Notes but there is no actual Status change - for example the Status remains at A through the Notes change and Save – Confirm does NOT send an 'A1' Alert.

Explanation: As the Alert event 'Status Changed' is chosen the Alert will only be triggered when there is an actual change in Status.

3. Changing the Status of the Enquiry back to Works Complete C (to which Enquiry Alert Type 'C1' corresponds) Confirm will send a 'C1' Alert.

Explanation: Following the logic in points 1 and 2 the actual Status is changed from one to another (which has a corresponding Alert; hence an Alert is generated.

4. Changing the Status of the Enquiry back to Status A and Confirm will send an 'A1' Alert.

Explanation: Following the logic in points 1 and 3 the Status is actually changed, hence an Alert will be generated.
UPDATED:  October 6, 2017